holiday shopping: mom

If your mother is anything like my mother, she is impossible to shop for. Because she just goes ahead and buys anything she wants or needs (delayed gratification not being a big theme in her upbringing). So I always try to find things that she doesn’t even know she needs. Mom is an interior designer, so I went for something design-related but hip enough that I know she hasn’t heard of it. Both of us pleathers are HUGE fans of The Selby, which, for those deprived of the pleasure of staring aimlessly at its beauty, is photographer Todd Selby’s amazing blog/website of images that captures creative (read: achingly beautiful) people in their natural habit: home, work space, shop. It contains life-changing images, like a close-up of Jeanne Lanvin’s personal library. Todd released his first book, The Selby is in Your Place, this summer and it quickly sold out at Amazon, reaffirming our faith in mankind to make good design choices. It’s back, and in mom’s stocking.

Available at – $23.10


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