the gig: Julie Feeney

Last Tuesday afternoon, phone call:

Emma: Hey girl, do you think you’d have time tomorrow to help Linda recreate a corset for Julie Feeney?

Merin: Um, obviously. How would I ever not have time for a corset?

That’s pretty much how it started. Julie Feeney is an amazing Irish singer, performing artist, song writer – you name it, she’s awesome at it. And young Irish designers love her enough to hand craft outfits for her to wear in performances. Which brings me to the gig.

The last time Julie wore her music sheet corset dress by Irish artist Sharon Costello Desmond she had to be cut out of it (I hate it when that happens), so it needed to be re-threaded for a performance she was giving with Solas Nua in DC. How do you say no to a music sheet corset dress? You don’t. Emma faithfully captured me working on it. (and then we got to snoop and see Julie’s other performance garb…but that’s in our next post)


first glimpse of the dress… this could be confusing.


thanks, mom, for that trick of putting tape on the ends of the ribbon


am I doing this right??


this is the collar. it goes with the corset and is also corseted. awesome.


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