Flash Sales Go Bridal

It was inevitable, really. Wedding dress shopping is like going to the dentist… except really you are test driving dentists so you must visit five in the metropolitan area in one afternoon, have all of them clean your teeth, and then get home tired and sore and happy with none of them. Or maybe that was just me. It’s an all-consuming affair that while fun, is frustrating, exhausting and emotionally fraught. No one grows up dreaming of the day their cellulite shows through silk crepe in a dressing room with bad fluorescent lighting (why, why?).

Which is why it makes so much sense for e-commerce flash sales to charge into discounting bridal wear. Oh, and yeah, because its ungodly expensive to buy a wedding dress. So bow before ‘The Aisle’… Gilt for the matrimonial scene. Starting in December you can get designer gowns at a discounted price, all from the comfort of your laptop. Preregister now!

Tagline: love.shop.wed

(sheesh. really?)


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