found at… Talbots

Seriously. I know. The last time I even thought about Talbots was when my mom got me a pair of leather pants from there on sale. And let’s just say that they were on sale for a reason. That was pretty much when mom stopped buying me clothes.

But I was intrigued by the new Talbots campaign and how they are trying to shed their fuddy duddy image. So I took a gander at their website. Actually, only their sale site and outlet site. Unlike so many retailers, they have both sale and outlet right on their homepage. And I was pleasantly surprised at some of the items to be had. Still a little on the pricey side, but it looks as though the more on-trend items don’t appeal to their base and they haven’t yet attracted a younger audience. Which means those items are on sale. Yes! We looove sales. Highlights:

Floral Cardigan – $56.24


Classic Trench – $104.99


V-back Shift – $89.99


Canvas Jacket – $67.49


Paisley Flat – $40.49


Metallic Wedge – $40.49


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