picks: hot pink

So the holiday party season is coming. And we aren’t going to let you bring that sad black dress out of the closet once again. Nope. This year, be a little more daring and opt for something bright and cheery. That way you won’t look like every other girl in a black dress in the day after Facebook pictures. Because we know that it all boils down to Facebook.

Hot pink, along with a couple of other bold hues like tangerine, is making a come back. Except now it’s called Raspberry and grown-ups can wear it (because we renamed it after a fruit and removed the word ‘hot’). For your viewing pleasure, some best bets all under $100. For a variety of styles and body types. Click on the pic for a link to the website. You’re welcome.

American Apparel – $48.00


Asos – $79.30


Asos – $72.41


Asos – $65.51


Forever 21 – $24.80


J.Crew – $59.99


Luc by Lucy – $56.00


Maje – $84.00


Minimarket – $89.25


Spiegel – $49.00


Target- $39.99


French Connection – $89.00


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