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Seriously. We run into people all the time who say things like “my sister sooo wants to send you a pic of her shoes, but she’s too embarrased.” Girlfriend, never be embarrased about shoes. Ex-boyfriends – yes, shoes – no. Or “I took a picture but haven’t sent it to you yet.” Get on it. We are your friends and we get bored by ourselves. And we ‘re not super original, so we need you to send us things so we can be inspired. That’s right, ladies, you are our muse. It’s not quite as cool as being oh, say, Tom Ford’s muse, but it’s something, right?

Oh – and if you have a hot deal that we don’t know about (highly likely), share that too. ‘Cause we’ll give you a shout out and then all of your friends will think you are cool. Because you are.


Emma & Merin (


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