buy swim (yes now)

Most people buy swimwear in the late spring. You know, when it starts getting sunny and we fret about going to the gym and spend hours staring at swim suits, obsessing about how they will make our hips look (best two words when buying bottoms: full coverage). Or maybe that’s just us.

Most people aren’t as smart as you, however. Because you are buying your bathing suit right now. Yes, we know, it’s cold out and you can’t even imagine putting your pale office tan self in a swim suit. But they are on sale right now girl, and you have to do it. We can help. By making a collage of pretty colors and patterns and linking it.

J.Crew is many things and you may or may not like their clothes, but they make solid swimwear, ladies. They fit true to size (thank you god), which means that I don’t have to order bottoms in a 10 even though my pant size is a 4. (side note: can someone figure that one out? please?). And right now all of their suits are on sale. All tops and bottoms pictured above are $9.99 each. You need to do some hunting to get sizes and colors and matchy-matchiness. But it’s worth it, trust us. We got your back (and it’s full coverage).


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