cheap & chic

There are lots of things that we consider ‘investment pieces.’ Like a really good black coat or a white button-down blouse. You pay a little bit more and get a higher quality product that will actually keep you warm or won’t be see through and ill-fitting. This applies to timeless clothing items.

Trends…no. Why, dear friends, people pay hundreds of dollars for trendy crap that is here today gone tomorrow we will never know. Likely they have too much money and should just give some of it to us so we can better allocate their resources (as the LSH would say). Here is a good example: the cross body mini-purse. Cute, very London in the 60’s. Twiggy surely had one. But it’s not something we’d pay, oh, let’s say more than $35 for. Obvi. And guess what, the expensive one and the cheap one look nearly the same. Seeeee….

Top purse: Paul & Joe – $179 on And it’s ON SALE from a whooping $425. No wonder people didn’t buy your purse Paul & Joe!!!

Bottom purse: Target – $12.99 at Target stores. Part of their Mulberry for Target collection, the purse is practically the same (except that it might not actually be leather, but isn’t that so much more PETA-friendly anyways? I mean Karl Lagerfeld uses faux fur these days…). It’s sold out online, but Target has a nifty ‘find it at a store’ feature that searches for all stores closest to you zip code and shows whether or not it’s available.


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