diy: tulle bustle

Occasionally, you know that you were meant to have a blog. Email exchange between Emma and Merin:


is there any way you could make me a black tulle bustle to wear over a black pencil skirt in the next 24 hours? Absolutely crazy request? actually, maybe i could hand sew it if I could just get the black tulle and some ribbon. maybe i could get the tulle from forever 21 and reconstruct something. thoughts?


I actually have some high quality tulle at home. No joke. Send me a pic of what you want it to look like and I’ll try to do it this afternoon:-)

Who has tulle on hand? But that’s a story for another day. Emma wanted a bustle because they are awesome. And Merin had tulle because she’s weird like that. Even if you don’t have tulle laying around (because who does, really??), it’s not hard to get some. Go to the nearest fabric store and get about a yard and then some black ribbon. Merin had that because she compulsively keeps and stores all ribbon ever given to her on a present. You can judge.

Anyhoo, here is how you make your own tulle bustle:

Step One – make sure you have tulle, ribbon, a decent pair of scissors, and a needle and thread. Find a workspace… like your bed and bedroom floor.

Step Two – cut the tulle in pieces of varying lengths ranging from short to long. Some really professional people would tell you to measure it, but we endorse the ‘eyeball it’ method. And tulle crinkles nicely, so you want it a little rough-hewn.

Step Three – loosely sew the layers together. And make sure your cat doesn’t try to eat the material. Or the thread.

Step Four – sew the tulle onto the black ribbon. You can do this several ways, depending on where you want it to tie. Merin started at the end of ribbon and then made two ribbon bow that concealed safety pins that pinned the ribbon ‘belt’ together. Girl obviously has a ribbon compulsion.

Step Five – make it work. Seriously, we aren’t really good at following recipes or Ikea furniture instructions, but we are really good at making it work Heidi style. It is a bunch of tulle that you layer and then sew onto a ribbon. You can do it, we believe in you. Come up with your own variation.

Eh voila. So whaddya think? Send us your questions, ideas and diy projects. This will be a recurring BOAP feature and we need some inspiration for fun projects. Cause let’s face it: we’re just not that original.


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