cheap fashion: fur hat

Faux fur is decidedly IN this season, but unless you are a Kardashian sister, you probably don’t want to bind you thighs in cheetah print leggings. At least we don’t. We do love animal print, however (see: Merin’s giraffe ballet flats), in small doses. We also like practicality. And we get cold easily because sometimes we throw that practicality rule out like a cheating boyfriend for super cute and cheap Forever 21 coat that doesn’t keep us warm. Enter the fur hat.

Fur hats are cool and make you feel like aBond girl in From Russia With Love. Or Zsa Zsa Gabor. And both are fabulous, so what’s not to love?

Merin got hers for $3 at Value Village and we highly recommend pillaging your local thrift. They have shocking amounts of fake (and real) fur. If you must buy online, either because you have a shopping problem or some lame job that keeps you from going thrift shopping at noon on a Tuesday, here are some goodies:


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