Christian Siriano & Payless: Too Fierce (?)

Way back when Christian Siriano was on Project Runway we rooted for the shy/visionary/amazingly catty boy from Annapolis with a passion. And when Payless announced that Capt. Fierce was joining their stable of designers, it was almost like that one time Emma saw a trench cape at H&M. We had a moment.

And then we saw the designs…

…and we had a drag queen moment. So fierce that they were too fierce, sadly, for us. And we thought: “Thank goodness someone is finally catering to drag queens – certainly an underserved audience – via a national retail outlet. But who else will buy these shoes?” Well apparently EVERYONE (really ladies?) because Christian S. is coming out with a new, improved and expanded line for Payless this winter/spring. Maybe that means there will be more product for boring people like us who only dress in drag on Halloween (and no, Merin will not ever post pictures of her as Justin Bieber).

Here’s hoping that the next collaboration looks less like this:

and more like this:

*special thanks to RuPaul for the amazing red pleather photo montage. We love you girl.


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