punk rock Madewell

emma’s take on the blowout sale at Madewell:

sometimes you need a soundtrack to really get you to the proper place to create an outfit. for this post, i suggest you listen to nirvana covering the man who sold the world for the unplugged series. ok, now settle in and start looking sweet yet jaded.

madewell. beautiful clothes. alexa chung for madewell is everywhere. they are taking bohemian sailor to a new level. but if you’re a girl like me, a recovering punk rock girl who is trying to come to terms with the fact that in her late 20s it is no longer appropriate to wear layered, thrifted button downs and little boy novelty tees with suspenders and men’s suit pants stapled at the hem, you may bristle at the boating friendly looks at madewell. bristle but secretly want them to be in your closet. how to rectify the extremes? don’t consult courtney love, for starters. nothing good is going on there.

following are my top pick’s from madewell’s latest sale, all under $30, with suggested pairings to make them look not so soft and frilly.

  • Slouch Pocket Tee in black, $19.99: You’re already most of the way to a perfect outfit with this one. It definitely has that, I’ve been worn and washed 500 times look, but with a little bit of polish. Wear with dark wash jeans, and DIY fingerless gloves with the seam ripped out and feathers sewn in (I will create these at a later date). Pair with a blazer, chucks and lots of black eyeliner. Nude lip.
  • Corded Sketch Tank in parchment, $19.99:  Wear with leather leggings, motorcycle boots, lots of bracelets. Voila. If you want to get frisky, pair with a contrast color bra.
  • Alexa Chung for Madewell Christian Jean Shorts in Pebble Wash, $29.99: A simple way to carry shorts over to fall is to pair them with a pair of dark tights, add a pair of nude (or other neutral, like gray) ankle booties, tuck in a favorite old, old t-shirt and throw on a blazer.

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