$40 and under at Madewell

When Emma challenged us to find ten items under $40 that could transition into fall at the Madewell sale I though: “at last, playing to my strengths.” The she said that she would do the punk rock version and I could do the ‘Merin’ version. Which means the boring version. But that’s cool, because boring is always in style.

I cheated on some items… I already own the zipper leggings so I know that they are amazing. And everyone needs a denim shirt. I was sad to not see any camel, but almost all of these items pair well with camel. I would wear the romper with a camel turtleneck and grey wool tights. And clogs. Super chic, non?

Also, a sweater on sale is a retail folly: you can always wear a sweater. I can’t remember the last time I bought one (or anything) at full price. And the ivory shell can go under anything – suit, sweater, you name it.

All for $40 or less. Now I await Emma’s graphically-sophisticated sampling that will make me look really low tech. *sigh*


One response to “$40 and under at Madewell”

  1. birdsofapleather says :

    Wait. Top 10? Oops. That’s the punk rock way, I’m anti-establishment. Even when I am the establishment. Too existential?

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