the find: Kohl’s

While most style blogs and fashion-obsessed people tend to focus on the latest and greatest designer-affordable brand collaboration, we thought we’d take a moment to point out that there are a lot of pretty great finds out there that don’t get so much love. Take Kohl’s. I’ve never been to one, something I’ll readily admit. There’s not one within bike riding distance of me, so that’s pretty much that. But I went online to check out their Vera Wang line… and stumbled on Lauren Conrad for Kohls.


Okay, I’ll bite. Aaaand… there’s some good stuff here. And almost all of it is on sale. And you know how much we love sales. There was a small but nice selection of dresses that got me thinking: weddings. We go to lots of them. Apparently there is some unwritten law that half of your friends must get married in the second half of your twenties, forcing you to shell out beaucoup bucks when you can least afford it. So here’s my attempt at a wedding outfit for $100. All at

LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s dress: $32.99

Sonoma Cardigan, Kohl’s: $13.99

Apt. 9 Black Ruffle Peep-toes, Kohl’s, $30.99

Daisey Fuentes for Kohl’s necklace: $13.20

Apt. 9 Clutch (also in black & red): $16.00

Okay, so I went a little bit over. But Kohl’s has free shipping if you spend over $75. And if you live in the District of Columbia (us!) you don’t pay sales tax as there isn’t a Kohl’s here (we’ve exercised that clause with several times… it’s almost worth not being able to vote. almost). As for styling the ensemble, I’d belt the dress and sweater, and get the clutch in red, it’s a little jazzier than black. Wear the necklace long with just one strand.

So for $107.17 I have a complete outfit: dress (belt included!), sweater, shoes, jewelry, purse. Amazing. You are a find,, and we love you.


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