cheap trick: nails

Emma doesn’t mean to be so cool that she starts trends, really. But she is, so we are going to embrace that and share her brilliance with the world. Many women pay countless dollars for a trendy item to make them look fabulous. Once. And then it languishes sadly on a hanger in the back of your closet.

Clothes are far from the best way to express your style in a budget-friendly way. A great haircut will always go so much further than jeggings. But the cheapest, without a doubt, way to throw some sass out there is with a great manicure.

Think color. Big color. How fabulous does this french manicure look in red?! Think of all of the possibilities… aqua with orange, clear with yellow tips. All for somewhere between $12-15. And if you are paying more for your manicure than that… you probably don’t read this blog.

*thanks to Max Cook for the fab photo


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