the gig: solas nua

You may recall that the fabulous Linda Murray gave us a wad of cash and said that we could use it to outfit her extras for Improbable Frequency. (If you are a board member of hers… not to worry. ‘A wad’ = roughly $85). And so we took it to Silver Spring to experience the experience that is Value Village & Unique Thrift. While we found many an amazing item, we accomplished our mission under budget and slightly over schedule (ask the LSH about that one).

So here’s what we have to show for it! Meet Beth & Brigid, Solas Nua volunteers and our victims. I mean stylees. If that’s a word. Beth is wearing a lovely sequined I.N.C. tank with a capelet that Merin sewed from a brocade curtain (*it must be known that the brocade is backed with sticky linoleom. we are so sad we missed the late 70s). Emma found the sweater clip in a counter display at VV. Brigid is rocking a white sequined halter with a faux fur pink collar. You would be AMAZED at the depth and variety of fur (real and faux) at Value Village.

saucy, ladies, saucy



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