field trip: gabriel brothers

gabriel brothers. sigh. gabes, i am lost without you. four years living in the district has put a serious dent in my closet and in my bank account. so, even though there is a three-story forever 21 just steps away from me for 40+ hours each week, i try to hold out until i can make it to gabes. why? because $5 chloe-sportswear-rip-off-6″ stilletos (shoeaday post to come) are a necessary part of my life. especially the $5 part.

gabes started out in a little store in morgantown, wv that is now occupied by the brew pub. in the beginning, the clothing was kept in large barrels, you had to wade through the piles with the hope that you did not fall in and hit your head. i was just a tot in these days, but mother frequently recounts the legend for me so that we can remember our humble roots.

if you are ever near a gabes, it is imperative that you stop in. imperative. or i will haunt your dreams.

sometimes, though, gabes will present you with a tragedy. gabes gets all of the overstock, irregulars, etc. from 100s of big and small brands. not having your size is only the beginning of what can go wrong, but when you find something just right – heaven.


One response to “field trip: gabriel brothers”

  1. birdsofapleather says :

    First of all, Gabes already haunts my dreams. Because I’ve never been there. So thanks for rubbing it in EMMA. And now your fancy graphics have made me feel bad about my abilities to only partially-use my open source graphic design software that you had to explain to me. I’m not talking to you until tomorrow. Texting doesn’t count. Obvi.

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