why no posts?

Dear reader: we, too, take three day weekends. or five day weekends. And really, it’s enforced. We are both at that age where all of our friends are getting married. So these pleathers headed for the hills. The hills of North Carolina (Merin) and West Virginia (Emma) for weddings. Actually, I don’t know if where Emma went in West VA has hills, but lets go with it. I’ve never been to West Virginia, but it gets a bad rap. Mostly I think of The Coal Miner’s Daughter and emaciated children without half their teeth. But as it turns out, West Virginians are inordinately stylish. Hipster-ish, even. How do I know this? Because Emma is much, much better at remembering to take pictures than I am. Evidence below:

A bride with a cape? And a friend in head to toe camel? How much more on-trend could they get??

I mean he has the louche European look down pat. And, finally, Emma’s glamour shot. Love it!


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