collaborators: Lanvin | H&M

Emma and I super love it when designers who make beautiful $4,000 dresses that we will never be able to afford (until, of course, more people start reading this blog and we sell it for millions) collaborate with a clothing maker for the masses. While Target is most notable for this – post on my new, in the mail Mulberry for Target purse coming soon – H&M has had its moments of greatness. I got a Karl Lagerfeld for H&M dress in Spain five years ago that remains amazing and beautiful and under $100.

So when we heard that Lanvin’s Alber Elbaz would be designing a capsule collection for H&M we almost died (as, I would imagine, did Rachel Zoe. She dies for almost anything these days). It was like the time Emma saw a trench cape in the H&M window except better. Why? Because Lanvin is gorgeous. I mean seriously gorgeous. Elbaz designs the type of clothes that make the women wearing them feel like Grace Kelly.

Let’s play for instance. If, for instance, I had bought a short dress for my wedding, it would be this one:

And do we wonder who brought plum back? Oh yes my friends.

And if I am ever back in Paris and wanted to feel super-chic (unlike when we went to Guerlain and the sales ladies were so snobby the LSH asked if we were ‘not supposed to be there’), I would wear this. Obviously hats with netting are cool!! I am also predicting a return of hats with feathers, if not just because I want one from Ginger Root across the street from my apt.

Now for all of you good readers who read to the end of the post, here is the bonus round: the video. If Emma and I didn’t have to have real jobs, we would make artsy videos with designers all day long. Turkish blog Zet Fashion won the rights to show the video here. Its basically the most amazingly tantalizing thing we’ve ever seen. Almost, almost on Tom Ford super secret fashion show level in terms of not revealing anything and making us soooo want to see more.


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