emma: day 19 \ shoeaday

it’s just not possible for real girls to be all fabulous, all the time. i know. sigh. i also lament the realities of an imperfect existence. when i’m not sporting 6″ heels for the shoeaday project, i’m either in my flip flops or slippers – the evil slippers i was telling you about. i should have given these soft, black mistresses of satan to the shoe baggage gods long ago, but here i am, still wearing them, despite the fact that sporting them is akin to wearing a curse on my feet.

three years ago i was preparing a cup of tea (coincidentally three days after i severely burned my face in what is known as “the great tater tot tragedy,” and two days after i underwent oral surgery for an unrelated accident). tea is seemingly benign. evil? the slippery tread on these slippers. as i was running up the stairs (mother always told me not to), i lept from one to the next, miscalculating my landing by a fraction. this is when i fell. and broke the side of my foot off. after having burned my face and after having surgery in my mouth. i was laid up completely for the next 4 months, and it took another 2 to fully recover. my feet have never been the same.

katie, of red converse reader love fame, called this the winter of my discontent. i was also totally disarming during this time, anyone who looked at me immediately pitied my very existence on this earth. can you believe i still wear these slippers? just imagine what happened with those gray boots that i’m giving away.


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