the gig: solas nua \ improbable frequency

We lead really glamorous lives. HA! SO not true. One of the things we hate most about other style sites is how overly glamorized everything is. And how they always just seemingly stumble upon really flattering natural light. And you must get really bad jet lag and under eye bags flying from New York to London to Milan to Paris. Seriously. Anyways, we wanted to share our exciting news and make sure you could follow along and help us. In a very real way. This is behind the scenes type stuff.

Solas Nua, America’s best Irish arts org, asked us to style the extras in their upcoming show Improbable Frequency set in an Irish 1940’s nightclub (Literally – none o’ that Shakespeare in the round hoopla. We’re talkin’ sequins and scandal speakeasy-style.). SQUUEEE! Needless to say, we were pumped. And we needed some 40’s costumes. Where did we head? None other than the amazingness that is Value Village\Unique Thrift.

And this is where it gets real. Rachel Zoe travels in a shiny black Suburban. We go WMATA. That’s right, metro to bus on Sunday am in the rain. That’s how it really gets done. That’s Emma stoically waiting in the bus shelther. We didn’t so much anticipate the rain. But once we got to Value Village…

Basically it was the best place ever until Merin misplaced our bag tag and had to return to next morning to claim our purchases (oops!). Sadly, we decided not to purchase the *amazing* sequined top, so it is still there, waiting for a home and family of its own.

Don’t forget to check out Improbable Frequency (and the extras sporting our Value Village finds).


One response to “the gig: solas nua \ improbable frequency”

  1. birdsofapleather says :

    I’m glad that you can’t really tell that on this day I was such a ragamuffin. When I got home I realized that there were two black mascara smears under my eyes! Whatevs. On this day I also found a boys Brooks Brothers winter jacket that looks like one of those fabulous little shrunken wool jackets. I’m hooked on Value Village.

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