merin: day 17 \ shoeaday

Clever, ironic, uber-hip – no. Not so much. But look, California + beach = flip flops.

One of the things that Emma and I strive to bring to this blog is our normalness. We are pretty everyday girls. We have boy drama, don’t get paid enough and ride the bus. We are not Sea of Shoes and we never wore Alexander Wang boots with our mom’s vintage Alaia when we were 17. Though that would have been really cool (where were you there mom?). We buy stuff at Payless, Target and then the save, scrimp and eat Ramen for two months to buy discounted designer stuff on Bluefly. There is a lot of sale shopping and rummaging going on here. This is more an experiment, a forum really, in what happens when two normal girls with pretty run of the mill resources take on style. And while my flip flops aren’t earth shattering, you wear flip flops in California when at the beach. Du-uh.


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