emma: day 16 \ shoeaday

there was a little begging involved to get these shoes (thanks dad!). it was part way through my college career, and i had just discovered anthropologie (and anthropologie-priced clothes). i know, reader, how could such an amazing store elude me? because they didn’t carry that line at gabes, obvi. but now they always have anthropologie at gabes, and I find the $3 price tag for a tissue tee much easier to swallow.

these shoes are called the frida, and given my life long efforts to become frida kahlo (i know, it will never happen), i had to have them. had to have them or my world would fall apart. you know the feeling: when a pair of shoes will solve all of your personal problems and enable you to achieve world peace, all before your morning run (not that i did a morning run, but with these shoes in my closet, it seemed achievable).

it’s been five years and these shoes still do the trick. although world peace is still just beyond my fingertips, the same is true for the morning run.


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