merin: day 16 \ shoeaday

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been traveling. Usually I’m a really good packer. As in a really anal retentive don’t you dare touch my stuff TSA packer. I’m a big believer in visualizing everything you will wear each day and then making sure all seven outfits go with one of two pair of shoes that you bring with you. Both shoes are typically metallic (more on that later), one a flat, one a heel. Why? Because they go with everything.

But when you have a very serious project underway during which you must wear different shoes everyday, it gets trickier. I was gone from a thursday to a thursday, which means packing EIGHT pair of shoes. Or maybe packing six and buying two in California. Maybe.

Anyways, my silver sandals always get packed. Because they do really go with everything. And although most people see Jack Rogers as some preppy, Palm Beach/Nantucket footwear, they are so much more. First off, lots of people have never seen them before (read: most people in the state of California). And those people think they look exotic- Moroccan, even. And second, when you get away from the preppy handbook thing, they actually do look sort of exotic in a way you can’t quite match to any one culture or style. And they have a really nice silver sheen to them. We know I love metallics.


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