reader love: lindsey

Lindsey and Merin went to high school together. While it was a small school, they really got to know each other in Model UN. You know, with all of the other cool kids. (Actually, when you go to an all girls boarding school, the cool kids DO do Model UN. So there). From Lindsey:

I have a mild shoe obsession and rarely wear all of the pairs I own which makes me think I shouldn’t get anymore. I just moved to Paris and had to part with my entire shoe collection except seven select pairs that made the cut. Packing was tight and I had to make some tough decisions. Below is a picture of a pair that hopped the pond with me. They’re Sam Edelman, but the best part is that I only paid about $30 dollars for them because I snatched them up at Loehmann’s. The print is crazy and makes me super happy every time I take a peek at my feet. Plus, they are most comfortable pair of flats I own.

From Em & Merin: Lindsey, you are a stronger woman than us. We just could not pare it down to seven pair. We feel for you and think you should visit the Isabel Marant boutique and buy some shoes. Even if you have to forgo eating for a couple of months to pay for them… just kidding! We could never forgo eating. So check out the Bon Marche instead. Plus some of the little shoe shops in the Marais. Amazing!


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