merin: day 14 \ shoeaday

Sperry topsiders do not typically come in gold. I don’t know why they made them, frankly, but they are wonderful for many things. Like airports.

Contemporary airports are the closest we come to experiencing an industrial cattle farm. Some silent decree strips you of any individual liberties and bans things like minor displays of sanity and reasonable behavior. Which is why airports have become my personal exception to any rule. For instance, I believe that it is not only permissible to lie at airports, it is necessary. Airlines lie to you, so it is simply a level playing field. I am also allowed (by myself) to buy and read US Weekly at airports. This is the only place I buy the magazine. If we go down in a flaming crash, at least I know the best and worst dressed stars at the Golden Globes and what Lindsay Lohan’s most recent rehab clinic looked like. It provides a degree comfort.

But I digress. Nowadays, one must go to the airport prepared for battle. Strategize. Know the rules. Be on the offensive. Sperry topsiders were originally made for people who needed shoes that were hardy, easily removable and suitable for all sorts of changes in climate. Like modern airports. And I find that gold also promotes all sorts of friendly conversation in the security line. Really, who knew that shoes could be the antidote to the airport cattle call?


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