merin: day 13 \ shoeaday

Ouch. That’s what I think when I look at these shoes. Reader – they are pretty. But they hurt. And to think I wore them for you.

Some people say that certain shoes hurt their feet: rub, cramp, etc. But I think of it in the reverse: my feet aren’t are durable as they should be and the skin is downright defective. My feet are my weakest link.

My feet will blister in a pair of flip flops that I have had and worn for five years. They will blister in a pair of ballet flats that yesterday were perfectly comfortable. Perhaps thence sprang my obsession with shoes. I need to armor and hide my weakest link… some evolutionary urge, really, gives way to my shoe collection.

Some (my grandmother) say that I should treat my disappointing feet gently and wear shoes that look like ugly nurse clogs. No more heels or bondage inspired contraptions with patent leather and ten different straps. But why would I penalize perfectly good shoes simply because of a bum pair of feet?


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