emma: day 13 \ shoeaday

when you invest a significant portion of your psyche in thinking about your attire, sometimes a shoe acquires baggage. maybe you were in a funk when you bought the shoe, or a night when you wore the shoe went sour for some reason or another. whenever you put the shoe on, it reminds you of that time. it’s like that one Phil Collins song. or maybe not. just some song – usually one that is romantic, let’s get real. if the shoe was expensive, you’ll hang on to it because you don’t feel right just giving it away like that – it’s a waste of money. and besides, it was just one bad time that (insert reason here). no reason to ruin a perfectly good pair of shoes. but it is. and it does.

my sister bought me these shoes for christmas and i loved them to death for a couple of years. i have a pair of pants that are tailored specifically for these boots and they look amazing together, and i look amazing in them. but they have baggage, and i’ve finally decided to let them go. goodbye Nine West grey suede before-the-bootie-craze mid-calf boots with faux wooden heel. i will miss you, and i won’t miss you at all.


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