reader love: cecilia

Style maven Cecilia shares her story. Four words, Cecilia: They just jealous, girl.

I bought these shoes on accident. I wanted to wear red shoes with the gingham victorian-style dress I bought from Etsy for the Seersucker Social. These were the first pair I found that I thought might work, but then I found an absolutely amazing pair of red peep toe pumps with a flourish on the toe (think Bettie Page) and decided to return the Mary Janes.

I bought them at a discount shoe store and was informed that they wouldn’t accept returns on discounted items. Blasted. They are Mariana by Gloc and were $30 (very cheap), but still, I’d found my shoes for the social. I thought to myself, “What am I going to do with TWO pairs of red shoes????” They sat in my closet unworn and bitterly regarded for over a month until I bought a high-waist tweed beige skirt from a thrift store in Vermont and realized that they would work perfectly.

I wore the combo with a black boat neck sleeveless shirt, vintage three-strand costume pearls, and a red wool cardigan to work. The shoes got a lot of “compliments,” from my older more conservative female co-workers. “Well, aren’t those FUN shoes!” or… “Wow, those are some exciting shoes!” and best yet, “It’s not often you see red, patent leather in the office! My, my.” These kind of compliments are often meant to chastise and, granted, they may be too red and too shiny for the office, but hey, I can’t be expected to wear boring black flats every day of the week, can I?


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