merin: day 11 \ shoeaday

First of all: for those of us who have to starve ourselves to buy designer shoes at a discount (so most of you reading this): H&M is really bringing it this fall. By bringing it I mean ‘producing surprisingly high quality imitations of really expensive pieces.’ I majorly love my trench dress and Emma almost fainted on F Street when she spotted their trench cape. Take a moment to digest… trench. cape.

Anyhoo… I went fairly heavy on trends with my second (maybe third) most favorite gladiator-esque flats. They are a sandy color burlap that I got in Rome with an ex-boyfriend who thought I paid too much for them (to whom I say: HA! That was eight years ago and I still have them and wear them all the time and they are fabulous. Little do you know…).

But they are a great base piece because they can balance out the belted trench dress and camo scarf (it actually has camo in the shape of skulls. Zara. brilliant). I felt very ready to jaunt around Fez in search of some amazing something. Or just hop on a smartbike in DC:)


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