emma: day 12 \ shoeaday

i don’t really know what to say about these. i mean, they’re fine, i guess. sigh. avoiding eye contact. they’re an interim shoe.

you know when you want a certain type of shoe, but you’re not ready to commit to the style… or you think they might look bad… or they’re too expensive… or whatever neurotic thing you tell yourself to stop from buying that shoe? that’s what happened with these. i wasn’t ready for the gladiator sandal yet, and so i purchased these. and you know what? i just ended up buying the gladiator sandal anyway. and i have loved them to the point where the soles are splitting apart.

so, the next time that happens – and i make this promise to myself as well – just buy the shoe you want. the interim shoe is a waste of money that only serves to stop you from achieving fashion self-actualization. which is paramount.


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