emma: day 11 \ shoeaday

my mom has never tried to hide or downplay her love of thrift stores, that people even did this was a phenomenon that only became known to me in 10th grade (i remember the moment). we would go out to union mission, goodwill, salvation army and wherever else had secondhand in the chemical valley. we were junkin. once upon a time, i had a thing about sam and libby ballet flats with bows on the toe. and by “thing,” i mean “unhealthy obsession.” during this phase, i would rush to the shoe section each time we went junkin, even though i knew that they were still too cool to hit the thrift shops. by the time they finally started showing up, everyone had loved them a little bit too much, and they were always run down beyond the point rescue.

lucky for me sam and libby edelman have begun making the most awesome shoes ever once again. finally, my six-year old ego is appeased. this nude snake skin t-strap flat is one of the best things that has ever happened to my closet. day, night, black, brown, navy, whatever. triple dog dare you to find something that looks bad with these shoes.

and the jorts, i know, but i can’t stop. i am an underground member of jorts anonymous, don’t leave me alone in a room with a pair of your old jeans. things will get sketchy.


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