merin: day 10 \ shoeaday

My dad called me once and immediately started out with: “Did you know that Christian Louboutin caught, killed and skinned lizards as a child to make Barbie shoes?” Well, actually, no Dad, I didn’t know that. “I’m watching a CNBC biography of him. Do you have any of his shoes?” Ummm…maybe. “Did I pay for any of them?” Decidedly no. “Oh. Good. Call you later.” That pretty much encapsulates my dad’s interest in shoes: (1) could they be considering floating an IPO anytime soon and (2) not paying for any of my shoes.

But the story of the Louboutins is really one that I look back on fondly. Summer after freshman year of college I interned at Sotheby’s in New York. My parents, attentive that they are, just bought me a plane ticket and assumed I would do the rest. I crashed with a friend for a couple of days and then found a **room** in Spanish Harlem that had cable and housekeeping…but no windows. Since Sotheby’s didn’t pay me anything I hoarded my cash by eating only artichokes and couscous for dinner.Every night. That really solidified my relationship with artichokes. I could still eat them every night.

But anyways, I basically ate only green fibrous leaves and small rice bits so that I would have money to spend on important things. Like the Bergdorf Goodman summer sale. Which is both a really good reason to barely eat anything for two months and the most amazing thing that could ever happen to any shoe lover. These puppies – classic bone, four inch heel that totally looks like Stella McCartney straight from this Spring’s runway!!! – set me back a whopping $110. Also known as about as much as a pair of Banana Republic heels. Except that they have a red sole. I can’t really explain the red sole other than to say that it just makes me happy. Really, really happy.  PS – if you can find it, you need this pleather (oh yes!) shirt from H&M. Yes, it rips off Celine, but it is $35 and no animal died to make it (I think).


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