emma: day 9 \ shoeaday

if you keep an eye on payless, sometimes they just get it so right. although their recent fashion celeb partnerships have yielded nothing but trash (christian siriano, what happened to you?).

i debated this shoe for awhile. it’s certainly a trend, and i am always gun shy when it comes to trends. i am fickle when it comes to fashion. the minute i see it on jennifer lopez or katie holmes, two women who have ruined perfectly good clothing for me in the past – i’m not bitter, i set it aflame. when i finally made up my mind, the only pair left was in the payless at the ballston mall. having recently moved out of ballston and having recently told myself i would never cross the VA state line again, i was reluctant to return to the only mall in the area that can claim having the market demand to support a loom store (it’s true). nevertheless, when you need a shoe – and when they have it at payless for $37 – you have to get it. i’ve left needed items in the store before. and regretted it. for.e.ver. yellow japanese raincoat, sophomore year of college. i’ll never forget you.


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