merin: day 8 \ shoeaday

Sooorry! The late posting is totally my fault. But I had an exciting day: yours truly is now the holder of a certified DC Learner’s Permit! Yes, I know, most of you got that between the age of 16 and 16 1/2. So did I. But I decided to boycott driving for roughly two years. Now that I’m all married and grown up and stuff, I need to go back and get my license. Mostly I just want to be able to get a rental car. But that’s neither here not there…

It has been so lovely in DC. Early fall weather that makes everything shiny and pretty and new(ish) looking. Which begs the question: what shoes pair well with early autumn days? After the better part of August in flats (because honestly, it’s really too hot to wear heels then), I like a nice nude heel or wedge. Something that says I’m easing into my fall look but don’t think that I’ve neglected the tricky summer/fall transitional look because I have one of those too. And to think that I’ve been accused of over-thinking things.

Anyhoo, meet my fabu off-white material wedgish Gap (yes Gap… they make shoes! Or even better, sometimes they get super awesome designers to make shoes for them but at Gap prices. Evidence here) friends. I call them friends because they are incredibly comfortable. I wore them all over DC, on a bike, walking on the mall, and some vaguely Scandinavian chick at the Sculpture Garden looked at them enviously. Or maybe she was looking at my chocolate chip cookie. Whatever, it was obviously the shoes.


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