merin: day 7 \ shoeaday

of COURSE Emma wore her super cool ‘i have words written on me’ shoes. It should be clear by now, dear reader, that Emma is way hipper than me. Partly, it’s because of her West Virginia roots. In case you didn’t know this, besides coal and the lowest educational standards in the country, West VA has tons of amazing vintage clothes hiding behind every tree and shrub. It’s true. If I never here the words “Gabes – $5” again I will know that there may be hope that one day, maybe just one day, I can be as cool as Emma.

Double of course – I wore my conservative country club jelly flip flops. I mean, they are a definite favorite (note to self: grey jelly shoes match everything). And then, again of course, I went and had the long-suffering husband (heretofore referenced as the LSH) take a picture of me cooking, of all things.

It’s not that I don’t love cooking, because I do. And the lobster/grapefruit/avocado salad was amazing on many levels. It’s that the clubby jellies and kitchen-ness are borderline trophy wife material. Then again, I’ve heard that being a trophy wife has amazing perks. Hmm. Something to consider…


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