emma: day 6 \ shoeaday

the uniform. moving to columbia heights has made jorts a necessary requirement for weekend wear. the gladiator sandals are also a borrow from my gentrifying/hipster community. it’s the same old story that we know and love to hate: rent is cheap, houses are plentiful (as is crime), artists move in. then comes a target. neighborhood over.

i know everyone and their mother is sporting a gladiator sandal these days, but when i spotted these in the DC USA marshalls, i was secretly delighted. they’re verging on an oxblood brown, which means they are perfect to wear with black and brown (my favorite forbidden combo). i was terrified that the ankle strap would stump my petite legs, but no. bliss. the multiple straps create an optical illusion that doesn’t make me look like i should be in a carnival side show (little people unite).

when i got a squeal of glee from the girl standing next to me and a, “those look nice on you,” from random dude restocking the shelves, i decided the $16 investment was worth my while, despite a constant turning up of my nose at trends. a good rule of thumb for trends is to not invest much – they will not take you further than a season or two before you’re over them. even if they’re really really cute at the time. it may sound obvious, but you must remind yourself of this maxim in the moment. remember uggs? trust.

this summer i wore them every. single. day. but not this month. this month, i branch out.


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