merin: day 5 \ shoeaday

Dear, dear old friend. Many people don’t have as close a relationship with their spouse as I do with my black flip flops. Maybe including me.

You see, I am a Californian… or at least I was before I moved. Which meant that for the first fifteen years of my life I wore only flip flops or some sort of athletic shoe. Boots? What were those? I had nary a pair of boots, certainly not rain boots, but I had at least twenty to thirty different pair of flip flips. Many have gone by the wayside (those purple Limited Too ones with a purple daisy… yikes), but the basic black will never leave me.

My black flip flops and I have been through some good times. A favorite: when in Singapore 12 years ago with my parents, I was prohibited from entering Raffles Hotel because my footwear wasn’t ‘appropriate.’ My black flops were classified as ‘slippers’ and thus disallowed. My dad had to buy me new shoes (I promise I didn’t plan that). And really, I don’t know what the fuss was all about. If Posh Spice wears black flip flops then obviously they are accepted footwear vernacular.

PS – if this project accomplishes nothing else, it will force me to get pedicures more frequently… promise.


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