merin: day 3 \ shoeaday

Last day of work. Wow. I have worked at the same small arts nonprofit for the last four years. It was my first ‘real’ job. And it was amazing. Which begs the question: how does one do justice to such an experience/people/place with a shoe? How to sum up where I have gone and where I am going with a simple accessory?

Enter the espadrille. Espadrilles mean adventure. Or at least they do to me. One of the first things Audrey Hepburn did in Roman Holiday? Buy espadrilles. How a historically French Basque shoe came to signify breaking free of traditional bonds, I don’t know. But it seems fitting: these shoes will take me out of my present and into my future. Plus, they make me four inches taller. Everyone needs a little bit of glamazon when staring into the abyss of what am I going to do with my life now?

PS. I bought these in Athens just after I graduated college. If they took me from that abyss into a great job, surely they will work some magic this time…right?


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