emma: day 3 \ shoeaday

these beauties. i rarely wear them because the 1/2 inch heel bothers me just enough. i certainly appreciate the braided leather more now than i did at the point of purchase; the gap was a little ahead of me on that one. kudos.

i picked them up at a time when i could sense that – in response to the rise of the gladiator sandal on the runway – roman-style shoes would start trickling down in a big way. the gap was the only store in charleston carrying something close to what i was looking for, although these shoes are a dime a dozen these days. i didn’t realize that we would be living with this fad for several seasons, and i embrace it proudly – my everyday gladiator sandals are soon to come – even though it is on the verge of tired. at the time, though, gap hadn’t quite understood the rule of making the sole completely flat. fail.

speaking of fashion tragedies, remember kitten heel flip flops?


One response to “emma: day 3 \ shoeaday”

  1. andasay says :

    I’m Emma’s mom and her love of shoes is genetic. I once said to her grandmother, “Mother why did you buy those shoes, you alread have a pair just like them.” She replied, “Not in blue.”

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