merin: day 2 \ shoeaday

Every time I read that animal print is ‘back in’ for fall, I wonder: when was animal print ever a bad idea? Any Kardashian can tell you that animal print is always a good idea. Always. Just in doses (the Kardashians likely wouldn’t agree with me here).

For whatever reason, my giraffe print ballet flats make me feel like I’m always just one step away from Audrey Hepburn in Charade… about to be whisked around Paris by Cary Grant while maintaining uber-chic perfection throughout. They are the perfect antidote to absolute non-chic I’m-tired-and-bloated-and-want-to-wear-a-potato-sack days. A black silk potato sack. With giraffe print shoes. And a lady like handbag. Ahhhhh better.


One response to “merin: day 2 \ shoeaday”

  1. birdsofapleather says :

    seriously? of course merin has GIRAFFE print shoes. i’m not jealous, not in the least.

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