emma: day 2 \ shoeaday

there was a time when i worked for the daughter’s of the american revolution. it’s true. i am a member as well (see fur mention in day one post for proof), although i have lapsed. i do not always freely admit this, but i will tell you because i trust you. and i know that you will not lump me into the stereotype of what you expect a “daughter” to be. hint: i’m not that person.

during the end of my tenure with the daughter’s, which was a lovely experience, i began to get a little bit frisky with my attire. high heels were a must and pointy toes were in vogue – but i needed to differentiate. and that is the mindset i was working with when i entered DSW on that fateful day. the afternoon that will be forever known as:

the time i purchased photo-realistic-leopard-print, pointy toe, gold metalic detail stilleto pumps.

there was a damp, warm breeze that day. some would say it was verging on tropical. no, i’m lying. i don’t remember what it was like outside, but i do remember what it felt like the first time i slipped on the shoes that are alternately trashy and fabulous: like i was channeling a safari-style james dean.

i’d never allowed myself to wear animal print, i’d always seen it as “too adult.” and i don’t mean in an x-rated way, i mean in a too much time in the tanning bed sort of way. in a matching shoes and purse sort of way. but now i’d made it to the next plateau – like sneaking my own candy into the movie theatre and feeling justified when questioned about it.

now, through the good graces of my current employer, i’m able to embrace whatever outlandish fashion urges i may have, and the need for the leopard print shoes has waned. how do i find an outfit that plays up their fabulous while playing down their trashy? i didn’t get any wayward stares, thankfully, and when merin showed up in animal print flats, i started to breathe easy.


One response to “emma: day 2 \ shoeaday”

  1. Tracy says :

    The DAR rocks! Be proud!

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